Algorithms and data structures(Lecture # 01)

Here I am going to teach you   data structures and algorithms tutorial
Our First lecture is about Algorithm Design Analysis
It is the advance subject of Data Structure’s. Word Data Structure can be divided into two Phenomenons.

Data Structure
1) Data;        

      I.            Data means raw facts and figures

·        Alphabets (Aa-Zz)
·        Numerical (0-9)
·        Special Characters
·        Audios
·        Images
·        Videos

    II.            Data Communication;
·        Anything that can be transmission lines ;
  • ·        Alphabets (Aa-Zz)
  • ·        Numerical(0-9)
  • ·        Special Characters
  • ·        Adios
  • ·        Images
  • ·        Videos

Q# what is Computer/Digital/Soft Data Actually? data structures and algorithms tutorial
Answer: Anything that can be processed using computers is data.
This may be;
  • ·        Alphabets (Aa-Zz)
  • ·        Numerical(0-9)
  • ·        Special Characters
  • ·        Adios
  • ·        Images
  • ·        Videos

·        Processing is done using some software e.g. program
2) Structure;

Means Shape, Structure can make process easier and fast.
For Example;
If I call to someone and tell exact full address with real scenario;

You will reach in just 10mint if you follow the following address;

ZK Updates,
H#12, St#15.
Sector # J-3,
Phase # 2,

·        Now by Data Structures we know/mean to give structures to data such that it can be processed by computers in shortest possible intervals of time.
For example;
Humans =>19+22=41 when a human being calculates this then it will take about 1 sec.
But a computer can perform 1 billion such tasks in 1 sec.
·        Data may be organized in many different ways; the logical or mathematical organization of data is called Data Structure.

Data Arrangement;
 There are types of data arrangement;
1)     Single Data Item
·        The single Data Item first of all we Structure the data,
·        And the Structured Data may be in Physical data Structure.
  • ð  Techniques used to store data physically on secondary storage,
  • ð  Machines are already know them, pre-defined,
  •   Machine level Instruction  e.g. int ,float ,long ,bool ,char

2)     Collection Of Data Items

·        Collection Of Data Items means more than One,
  • ð You need to understand relationship develop/design among data items

For Example;
 Logical Data Structures:
The arrangement of logical data structure is divided into two types;
  1. 1)     Linear Data Structures

ð Follow the property of linear
·        Property of linearity
“An element in a linear list is preceding and followed by exactly one element, except the first element which is not preceding by any element and last element, which is not followed by any element.”
For Example;

Fig. 1

Other examples are:

Array and Stacks

  1. 2)     Non- Linear Data Structure

  • ð They don’t follow the linear property

·        Means an element can be followed by more than elements.

For Example;


Types of Data Structure:
As we discussed in the above example Data Structure have two types
  1. 1)     Logical Data Structure(Linear D.S)

  1. 2)     Physical Data Structure


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